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I love wine, cognac and travel.

When I was in Taiwan, I almost never drank  wine or cognac. Until I arrived in France in 2015. I started to learn how to drink well, drink properly, and enjoy moments with a glass. I’m a positive person. I love to stay optimistic and encourage people by  sharing my experiences. I focus on what I like, and while I decide to start, I’ll try my best to continue it on.

I found that in Asia, lots of people have widely misunderstandings to wine or cognac. Seeing it as a masculine hard drink and difficult to adapt, but the truth is, it could be very elegant and feminine. Tasting is like an art, with a sip, you will be  overwhelmed by it’s complexity aromas with head notes, heart notes and base notes, like a perfume.

My work is to share my knowledge of wine and cognac with people and create a link of connections for those who also loves and are interested in.

What keeps me going on is the desire and passion to make people understand the joy of wine and spirits. Life is an art, and that’s what I’ve learned in France.

Things I love…


I’m always full of energies on the things I like. I was trained officially in a formation of cognac to obtain the understandings of cognac. With extra reading cognac archives and visiting cognac houses, I discover new things everyday from my life in Cognac.

Because of my passion,  I choose to be a professional guide of cognac in France. By  sharing know-how of cognac with people, I  also learn new things from my visitors everyday. I’m always interested in knowing if different cultures influence people’s preference of cognac, and share to help people to find the product that suits them the best.

Besides, I’m a volunteering ambassador of cognac with the Office de Tourisme de Cognac. My duty is to share and bring the beauty of cognac to people of the world !


As a cognac lover, I’m also a wine lover.

I started to learn about alcohol beverage by tasting wine. When I was a master student in France, I completed my studies by doing an internship at a winery in La Vallé de la Loire region. The summer that I spent with this winery was part of the best time I’ve ever experienced in my life. I was like a child, always with full of desire of learning. In three months, I learned the idea of “terroir", elaboration of wine and art of wine tasting by heart.  I anticipated lots of wine expo as a visitor and as an exhibitor.

In September, I started my wine journey by following my heart of love to wine. I visited wine regions in Europe to taste and to exchange ideas with winegrowers.

Here are the wine regions I’ve visited until now:

  • France : Alsace, Bourgogne, Bordelais,  Poitou Chartente, Val de Loire
  • Germany : Rheingau, Wurttemberg
  • Austria : Vienna
  • Hungary : Tokaj
  • Italy : Sicile
  • Slovakia : Nitra, Modra

My wine travel blog : Célia’s Wine Travel


I’m interested to know what makes people happy. I like to put myself in other’s shoes to perceive the world in their way. In order to understand and get closer to different culture, I like to learn new languages. Especially when I travel, I adopt myself to new environment by speaking with local people with their language.

I speak and write :

  • Mandarin Chinese (Traditional)
  • English
  • French


I’ll continue to pass down my passion of wine, cognac and culture tourism by never stop learning and improving my knowledge and experiences. 



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